Claims Defensibility

Focus your resources

Accident Investigation

The perception in business is that the Insurance Industry are extremely good at being wise after the event and even better at punishing poor management of risk with increased premiums.

Once the claims have occurred, it is already too late to change your level of defensibility. You may be lucky and have enough proof of good practice to defend the claim, but in the majority of cases, the proof either doesn’t exist, or isn’t quite robust enough to defend a claim.
Romero Risk Management have long recognised that good claims management can have a profound effect on your claims experience. However it is not nearly as effective as tackling the problem at source.
You may feel that your Health & Safety is adequate and then question why your insurers seem to be rolling over and paying every Employers and Public Liability claim you submit to them. Do not be fooled into thinking you are safe.   
Complying with Health & Safety legislation to the minimum standards that the law requires and defending an action in negligence when someone is injured are two very different burdens. You only need do what the law deems ‘reasonable’ and protect against injuries that are ‘foreseeable’ but the greater the risk, the greater the duty of care and thus the burden on you increases.
Our claims defensibility study will enable you to focus your time and resources in the right areas and help your insurers to defend claims.
We cannot promise to transform your Health & Safety culture overnight, but with our guidance and assistance, you will have all the tools necessary to set you on the right path to a robust level of claims defensibly.

The study will include:

  • Assess past claims and accidents (if we have access to claims files) and the reasons why past claims were paid.

Assess the following key areas (where relevant)

  • Accident Reporting & Investigation
  • Management & Culture
  • Training
  • Workplace Health Safety & Welfare
  • Provision & Use of Work Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Manual Handling
  • Working at Height
  • Traffic Management

Romero Risk Management will provide a comprehensive report highlighting potential vulnerabilities and how to turn those vulnerabilities into strengths in a cost effective manner.