Proper Risk Management by Qualified Risk Management Professionals

At Romero Risk Management we have a fully qualified diverse team of Risk Managers offering everything from a Fleet Audit to Board Reports on Health and Safety compliance.
All of our Risk Managers are direct employees so we can offer continuity of service and build a thorough understanding of our clients needs. We work in tandem with our broking division so that all of the Risk Management solutions are offered to the insurer to enable them to underwrite the risk as accurately as possible.
We can dovetail our service with our award winning Claims Team so that every client who is unfortunate enough to suffer a loss has an instant solution to avoid it happening again. To complete our Risk Management Service Line we have handpicked a small selection of business partners to help up offer solutions in areas of extreme specialism.
For immediate assistance please contact us on 0113 281 8110 or email risk@romeroinsurance.co.uk