Time and Cost saving solutions

Information technology has revolutionised the learning experience in recent years, opening up a wealth of work based training opportunities through e-learning.

With employees’ time often stretched to the maximum in today’s hectic workplaces, finding time to devote to ‘classroom-style’ training can be difficult and costly. Web-based learning provides a cheaper, more flexible training solution that enables employees to train at their desktops, working at their own pace wherever and whenever they want.
E-learning gives staff the flexibility to fit in training around work commitments and make maximum use of
their available time. As well as providing  flexibility for busy employees, e-learning also provides huge benefits for staff with disabilities or mobility problems, or whose irregular hours and shifts mean they are unable to commit to a regular external course.
There are significant advantages for employers too. Staff spending less time out of the office for training naturally means significant cost-savings, but research has also shown that e-learning can be a highly effective way of studying and can lead to increased retention of information. 
It can also be more time-efficient, as it enables students to progress at their own pace and focus on areas which are of particular interest. With the production of bespoke Management Information we can help organisations demonstrate and record all training.
E-learning is also a greener solution and helps organisations meet their environmental management objectives. Please contact Karen Want for further details – 0113 281 8110

Health and Safety Essentials is the simple, easy way to introduce mainly blue-collar delegates to basic health and safety concepts, create awareness of hazards and improve safety.

The easy-to-use e-learning course engages delegates with quizzes, animations and interactive sequences.

Health and Safety Induction is a safety induction programme designed for the office environment. This programme covers a range of office type risks and ensures each employee has a good understanding of health and safety in the workplace.

This course also considers the legal obligations they have to their employer. It is a perfect e-learning solution in isolation but especially powerful when used with Safety for Line Managers.

While Health and Safety Essentials and Health and Safety Induction are great products for employees, they are not suitable for supervisors.

This is where Safety for Line Managers is perfect. This higher-level induction course ensures a comprehensive safety induction programme can be implemented.

This course also considers the legal obligations they have to their employer. It is a perfect e-learning solution in isolation but especially powerful when used with Safety for Line Managers.

What is Discrimination? Understanding how diversity and discrimination affect the workplace is becoming an increasingly important issue.

Diversity and Inclusion: What is Discrimination ensures delegates understand and comply with their equality legislation obligations and responsibilities, at both individual and corporate level.

Increasingly, organisations are using supervisors and line managers to undertake risk assessments of their teams, equipment and properties.

While this is an effective strategy there is often confusion about how the risk assessment should be completed and more importantly, how any risks should be mitigated.

In just 30 minutes this e-learning course will help your employees understand the principles of good risk assessment; they will be able to apply effective techniques to complete these assessments quickly and with minimum disruption to their day-to-day role.

The HSE feel that good communication is essential when applying the HSE Management Standards in your Workplace.

This e-learning course ensures your supervisors and managers understand the causes of stress. With this new knowledge your managers will be able to help you improve morale and attendance whilst reducing your ‘lost time’ productivity.

This is a highly interactive e-learning course which can be customised and used to address specific policy information and the risks that are specific to you.

It contains a number of tests and quizzes designed to ensure your employees complete the course with good knowledge retention and an understanding of how they should act in the case of an emergency.

This course is available in two formats, workplace and office editions. It brings together basic learning principles with engaging graphics and interactive sequences to provide a course that encourages measurable behaviour change.

As well as providing e-learning content the course encourages employees to complete an optional risk assessment. This survey will help you identify employees who are exposed to harm and take further action to reduce the risk.

With so much regulation affecting company car drivers it is easy to fall foul of the law.

To prevent this from happening, the e-learning course provides comprehensive e-learning and assessment tools to help you identify and minimize your drivers’ risk. The course reinforces key safety messages within your fleet policies.

The cumulative effect is better awareness of the issues and behavioural change.

This e-learning course has been designed to help organisations meet the training and risk assessment requirements of the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992.

This course uses illustrations and interactive sequences that guide your employees through the basics in just 40 minutes.

This e-learning solution will help you to meet your regulatory requirements and provide you with a complete solution that covers many aspect of safety law including: Display Screen Equipment Regulations (DSE), Fire, electrical safety and many other subjects providing online employee training and risk assessment in one easy-to-use package.

This e-learning course is designed to help you protect your most valuable assets – your people, your property and your data. It is important your staff understand their role.

The course aims to deal with this threat by educating your employees in proper security principles. This is achieved with a combination of information, interactive sequences, tests and quizzes.